Monday, March 17, 2014

35 Weeks and Counting


Dress from Motherhood Maternity // Shoes - Old // Necklace - gift
Adison Olivia-Lynn,
Happy 35 weeks sweet girl! Only four more weeks until we get to hold you and your Mommy couldn't be more excited. I can tell you are going to be so full of energy by the way you move around in my tummy. Speaking of those sweet movements, how about we keep them to a minimum at night? What do you say? Mommy could really use some sleep before you arrive. The swelling has been getting pretty bad this past week; however, you take as much time as you need my sweet angel. Daddy makes sure Mommy is taken care of and gets plenty of rest so you just continue to grow strong. We still have so much to do before you get here, but whether or not we get it done know one thing - you will come into this world with so much love surrounding you. Not just from your Mommy and Daddy, but from your big brother, grandparents, aunts and uncles too! Peyton was talking to you this morning saying "Hi Adison" in his sweet two year old voice. He is going to be so protective and such a good big brother to you. I still don't know what we did to deserve these two precious gifts from God. He is truly is amazing!
Mommy loves you! I will see you in 4 more weeks!



I just love this picture! My sweet baby boy is getting so big! He was helping his Daddy take outfit photos for Mommy and I think he was getting a bit bored! What do you think? Love him so much!!

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